Our Solutions

Computer with an Internet Connection – That's all!

TraceProduce.com is an on-line account based system that allows text, maps, grower/field/shipper videos, certifications, sustainability videos, food safety audits, and other documentation to be tied on-line directly to trace codes found on produce packages. Shippers, Growers, Foodservice, Retail, Buyers, and Terminal Markets can market traceability based off of the on-line accessible information available from a package of produce. These members of the supply chain also have secure accounts available to them that allow for accessing and exchanging in depth documentation about the produce and its origins. This information can include food safety audits, inspection videos, documentation, certifications, and other applicable information.

Our system was originally founded by a shipper. This allows us to understand that there are many different packing, labeling, and coding systems used within the industry. Because of this, our system has been written in an 'Open Lot Code' format. We understand shippers have independent coding systems, therefore we have not tried to create a proprietary code system or label to sell – we work with what the shipper is already doing.

With industry standards such as USDA PLI (Positive Lot Identification), GS1, and GTIN, our system has been created to adapt to these standards for growers/shippers, while allowing them to maintain parts of their independent coding systems.

Marketing Traceability Drives Sales

With the Spinach outbreak in 2006, and the Tomato/Jalapeno crisis of 2008, there has never been a higher need to be able to prove that produce can be traced back to its origins. Growers & Shippers that market online trace-back for produce containers provide a value-added to both their buyers, and the buyers end-customer. Get ahead of the competition by selling a different product - produce with a story.

Linking Information to Cases/Units Saves Time

Attaching trace-back, food safety audits, farming records, and other pertinent information to a code found on a package of produce saves time in the office. Quit faxing and emailing documents related to the produce that ships out of your facility daily. Allow your buyers and customers the ability to access this information securely through internal accounts at our website. Based off of the code found on a package of produce, all this information can easily be accessed via the internet.

Quality Control Inspection Videos Provide Objectivity

Uploading inspection videos of product at both shipping and receiving points can provide better awareness of what product looked like during packaging, or the quality it was in during arrival. With a visual inspection, product brands and codes can be seen, along with the external and internal conditions of the produce. This helps to ensure that the produce is from the specified lot, and the visual quality of the produce during packaging and/or delivery can be objectively accessed by all parties.