Solutions: Fresh Produce Supply Chain Member

Foodservice, Retail, Buyers, Terminal Markets

Any member of the supply chain can create an account at Within these accounts, information can be searched for based off of codes found on produce packages. The shipper/packer of the case of produce can allow the account member to view any secure documentation within their account (food safety audits, certifications, inspection videos, etc.). These account members can also allow shippers/packers and other accounts access to their documentation, and or receiving point inspection videos to show how product quality arrived. Accounts may query codes found on packages for other outstanding codes found on produce cases from the same grower, shipper, and/or field (If a re-packer packed product from the same lot, grower, or shipper, the re-packers codes can be accessed as well). This allows for quick streamlined information access to eliminate problem product, while keeping good product on the shelf.

Note: All accounts can be very specific about which documents, videos, and other information are allowed to be viewed by other accounts.

What about shippers that package in an account member's brand, resulting in use of their GTIN code? The account member will have access within their account to allow any Packer/Shipper to create a facility number that represents them for this account member (Note: the account member may choose to have shippers use their GS1 Company Prefix). This facility number will then be the first part of the Lot Code found on the GS1-128 Barcode. When the Trace Produce system recognizes that the GTIN is from the specific account member, it will then look for the corresponding facility number, go to that shippers account, and pull up the Lot information.

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